From smoker to quitter

Yes, I smoked my last cigarette almost 2 months ago, the day after I promised my son Kurt I’d quit. Other than this commitment to my family, I don’t think any other major reasons or health concerns could have convinced me to stop, but I’m so glad I did. I’m no chain smoker either though I have been smoking cigarettes since high school. But like my drinking binges, that I rarely do now, I only smoke on occasion, though lately I have developed this weird habit of only smoking at home, making it even much worse than chain-smoking someplace else.

While it wasn’t exactly difficult for me to quit smoking, I realized that that will also make it easy for me to keep the bad habit. So aside from enjoying the welcome health benefits, I use the free iOS app Since iQuit (screenshots above) to monitor the stats of my smoke-free lifestyle, including money that I save from being a quitter. The amount is not that much but that’s nothing compared to the long-term benefits of clean living.

Yes, even that has an app.

Your thoughts?

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