Finally, my Photojojo lenses!

Thanks to Pinky, our friend and fellow @IGersManila moderator who’s based in New York (she’s in the Philippines and will be joining us this weekend) I now have my Photojojo lenses!

I’ve been wanting to get these lenses (US$49 for these set: 2x Telephoto, Fisheye, and Wide Angle/Macro) but shipping is costly. There are other iPhone lenses available locally but more expensive.

If you’re serious about your mobile photography, well I am, these cellphone-accessory-looking thingies are actually pro-like optical glass lenses that extend the power of your camera phone, to help you snap photos that are crisp and clear.

The lenses are supposed to be compatible with any camera phone, you’ll need to stick a magnetic ring to the camera, where you attach the lens. Yes, my white iPhone 4S is naked, since day one.

Who needs a DSLR – it’s big and heavy – when you can take tack-sharp snapshots with your handy camera phone, of course using these lenses.

With my new gadgetry, I’m ready for another photo exploration.

Your thoughts?

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