Falling for February

February’s here, but the unusually cold January nights seem to have overstayed in Manila – what I call holiday-overflow – a reminder that ours is the longest Christmas celebration. It sure is the mood, that pamasko of over-sized sweater and wrinkled scarf, braving the foggy morning to work after an ice-cold shower or settling in at night in shiny pajamas, cloaked in a polka-dot blanket, as if to attract good luck.

Today though, everyone seems to be warming up to the season of looping sentimental music, bubblegum movies on marathon, tearjerker pocketbook stories, heart-shaped thingies, and everything red and Cupid-like.


Like it or not, February makes it perfectly reasonable to find, be, and/or stay in love. Make it an action word – love – which is not exclusively for couples but for family, friends, colleagues, for people who are proudly single, and even those who’ve fallen out of love.

Flashing that lovely smile will make someone else’s day; reach out, lend a hand, get involved; talk, loosen up, strike a sweet conversation; make that phone call or text a nice hello; forgive and forget; appreciate others with “thank you” and don’t hesitate to say “I love you” any which way you can. Oh, and don’t forget to shower yourself some loving, I’m sure you already know that’s the greatest love of all.

Photo: Sunset in Manila Bay, snapped with iPhone 4, edited with Over HD in iPad 4

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