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A lot of IGers have been wondering what’s going to happen to Instagram – that free photo sharing app for iOS and Android devices that continues to enjoy massive community growth and popularity – now that Facebook snatched it up for a whopping US$1 billion deal. With @IGersManila, we can only think of positive and creative possibilities. But when Facebook released its own Camera app today, there goes the mixed reactions once again, with the big question being “Is Facebook killing Instagram?” Well, I sure don’t think so.

The Facebook Camera app (currently available for iOS devices from the US App Store), lets you snap photos or select current photos from your camera roll and upload them straight to your Facebook account. And it’s no surprise that the app allows you to play around with filters, much like Instagram, before sharing your photos to your timeline.

If you are an IGer, you’d be disappointed to know that the app is not exactly an Instagram replacement – Facebook Camera allows you to upload photos (even batches) and follow your friends’ photo streams, with the filters, cropping and rotating features as added bonus – but that’s it. This will be Facebook’s fourth iOS app (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages, and now Facebook Camera), it’s as if these social tasks (chat and messaging, page administration, and photos) are so important each need an app of its own. Instagram is not just about the easy and fast interface that got us hooked to photography, it’s the sharing of beautiful stories that built a thriving community of visual storytellers.

So fellow IGers, let’s just keep the good vibes rolling in Instagram. See for yourself if this app is indeed the anti-Instagram.

The launch screen, darker hue of blue compared to the other Facebook apps.

Follow your Facebook friends’ photo feeds or browse your own (and see the likes and comments). The thumbnails on the top are photos from my iPhone’s camera roll, each can be selected (one or more) for uploading.

That magic wand lets you choose a filter, you can also crop and rotate your photos, or post right away.

Cropping is basic (no constraining to different sizes).

Photo filters, that too-familiar Instagram feature, which Facebook has been rumored to be desperately working on, even before the billion dollar deal.

And then you post to your timeline, with the usual Facebook options – caption, location, and tags. Why does that sound too plain and simple, oh well.

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