Excited about the iPad 2

While everyone was expecting an iPad 3 or HD announcement today (even crazy predictions of a futuristic television set), surprisingly Apple named the latest iteration simply “the new iPad.” Except for the “resolutionary” tag, this naming convention will supposedly make Apple products even more unpredictable.

It’s the usual bells and whistles for this new iPad, but what got me excited about the news today is that the iPad 2 models are now about PHP 6,000 cheaper. As I’m sure the Philippines will not be having this new iPad sooner (at least officially), I’d rather you get an iPad 2, which is not exactly that old or lacking in features. Prep up that bended plastic called credit card.

I wonder though, how Smart and Globe will differentiate their iPad offers, or which will be rolling out the 4G LTE wireless technology faster. What with their social media network broadcasts today, both are probably cooking something up already.

Your thoughts?

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