Daddy doodles

I love it when my kids surprise me with hand-drawn posters or cards with scribbled greetings as gift on special occasions. Such as this birthday gift – Kurt’s doodled interpretation of what has recently become my daily routine – from mornings spent on the couch with my coffee mug and as if gesturing non-stop on my iPhone or iPad for a variety of social tasks, to figuring out how to spend most of my waking hours productively at work while keeping up with the usual homebody me, hoping to fall in love over and over again with replayed shows on cable television.


No, I don’t have a bejeweled crown or keep a golden scepter (funny that they think I’m always dressed up) but it really is heartwarming and priceless (that no expensive gifts can ever match) to know the kids consider me to be a topnotch dad.

Your thoughts?

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