Creating life’s canvas through mobile photography

The best camera is the one you have with you, so they say, and in all likelihood that camera’s always with you as it is attached to your mobile phone. iPhoneography, short for iPhone photography (recently simplified as phoneography as a generalized term for mobile photography) is making, what was once considered an expensive hobby (though it still is), digital photography an everyday habit for capturing moments and sharing stories.

It’s become a special form of self-expression – life’s canvas is what I’d usually call it, as it is visual, telling, creative, artistic – needing no pro-training.


With so many photo editing, filter and effects apps available for camera phones (iOS and Android devices getting the best offering), such as turning a plain snapshot of clouds into a dramatic starry sky (see GIF above), with mobile photography, there are limitless creative possibilities, and you’ll be surprised at how this everyday habit can be so effortless.

Forget about the specs but your mobile phone will most likely have a very good camera, so don’t hesitate to capture every moment – as each will have its own story – beautiful memories that create your own life canvas.

I’m sharing my passion for digital and mobile photography – the devices, accessories, and photo apps I use and the simplistic workflow – and of course Instagram, my favorite free photo sharing app that built a huge community, with its massive growth and popularity, paving the way for @IGersManila, the global community for Filipino Instagram users (Pinoy IGers).

Your thoughts?

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