Celebrating Easter at home

Embracing the beautiful sunset by the bay by CC Lozano

Today’s the second year in a row that we’re celebrating Easter Sunday locked down at home. I’m not complaining though. We’re not exactly devout Catholics but before this pandemic, my family would’ve attended an anticipated mass already, to avoid the crowd and also because it has been our practice to stay at home on Sundays. Nothing of that egg hunting sort, just a festive lunch and dinner with the whole family at home. So this year will be no different, just happy to have food at the table to share, celebrating in silent prayer. “He has risen!” and we continue to be hopeful even in these trying times.

It’s good to know that there are other countries already on the road to recovery, fast-tracking their vaccination programs, and starting to get back to normal. Sadly, the Philippines is still scurrying to take control of the rising COVID-19 cases, breaking its record high count this holy week, thus the extension of the enhanced community quarantine or ECQ for cities covered by NCR+. Not the announcement we hoped for but we’ll soldier on scared but fighting.

Like the new year celebration, Easter symbolizes a sense of jubilation. Of starting anew, an opportunity to change for the better. Renewing our faith. To rekindle relationships, to be forgiving and compassionate. Especially now that all we hear or read are terrible, discouraging news as we have yet to recover from the global pandemic, yet we’ve come this far, and the more we need to be loving and caring and optimistic.

Happy Easter to all!

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