Foodgasm for #wwim14

Instagram just announced the 14th Worldwide Instameet or #wwim14 to be held over the weekend of September 17 to 18 and this time it’s a call for communities of Instagram’ers around the world to celebrate undeniably everyone’s favorite subject – food. This will not only be food porn (as anything excessive in social media’s tagged with that “p” word), there’s going to be a lot of foodgasm and food orgy! continue reading »

Unseat your solitude

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Three empty chairs in what looks like a deserted area of the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. Depending on who’s looking, one would either think this scene screams of loneliness multiplied three times or a place where there can be an opportune moment for three or more people to start and engage in a conversation. I’d like to believe there’s a chance to get to talk to a total stranger or two so I sat myself quiet but flashing a smile here and there hoping I’d exude that friendly vibe.

It was a Saturday and at the entrance there were a lot of excursionists and busy families mostly carrying plastic bags and containers of food probably for their picnic. Kids excitedly and noisily scurrying and jumping at the sight of a nearby pool, not minding the long walk, hoping to ride a bike or try out the zip line scaling a short but scary stretch of the park. continue reading »


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“When fate is left to the miraculous hands of the heavens, you question nothing but your faith.” This is what I captioned the above Instagram post for @iam_mortaleza’s #ISOlatedThoughts, as this week’s #9pmhabit we’ll be featuring this year’s Instagram’ers who joined our collaborators group from our @IGersManila community. It’s a thought I didn’t want to entertain, that is, leaving your mortality tested in the belief that you’ll most likely be saved, but only if you put your trust in it. continue reading »

VSCO playing catch up with Instagram

Update: The #NewVSCO is now available, get it for Android and iOS for iPhone.

Ask anyone who’s been Instagram’ing for the past 5 years what his/her favorite photo editing app is and you’ll most likely get the same response – VSCO or VSCOcam. While Instagram popularized the use of photo filters, it’s VSCO that must have perfected the all-in app most photography professionals and enthusiasts are looking for – an app that not only lets you apply filters, but offers a collection of customization tools for more creative possibilities. continue reading »

A love and hate of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge


It’s been over two months when I got tempted and gave in to getting an Android smartphone for my postpaid plan retention, an irresistible deal of a free Samsung Gear VR when re-contracting to the newest Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. I of course picked the S7 Edge, opting for the shimmery gold color. Will this make me give up my Apple/iOS tendencies? Well, it’s a love and hate relationship. This is not a review, but here’s my experience so far. continue reading »

Instagram’ing with multiple accounts


Initially tested and supported on the Android platform late last year, Instagram has finally made multiple account switching available on both iOS and Android versions with the 7.15 app update. One of its highly requested feature, this is definitely a welcome relief for professional photographers, social media managers, and small business owners, who maintain more than one Instagram account. This is great news, especially for community managers such as myself, as this means you can now manage up to five Instagram accounts using only one mobile device. Awesome timing as well that it was announced and gradually rolled out on the Chinese New Year holiday. continue reading »