Blank page

It took a while to write this post. Probably because I’ve been staring at a blank page for too long. I’d start keying in words, tying a few sentences, but before I can even construct a single paragraph, I’d delete the entire text and end up with a blank page.

You see, just like my recent decluttering efforts, I wanted a reboot for this blog: while I’m not giving up photography, I thought it’d be more purposeful and somehow therapeutic if this serves as my outlet where I can express more of myself through writing. I’d write about ridiculous thoughts and crazy experiences, explore other forms of art with which my weirdness can be justified, and share my learnings from the day-to-day demands of work and the misadventures we all try to prevent from happening but usually turnout to be life’s beautiful lessons. Thus the new tagline: “Reflections on life’s beautiful misadventures.”

It’s as if I was prepping up for this: I got a new iPad with a keyboard case in lieu of my old MBA which I just couldn’t bring all the time, and installed the iA Writer app — all with the intention of focused writing. It’s been a better and lighter setup for work so far — I’ve been doing a lot of writing for training and documentation. No blank page at work though, it’s not exactly easy but it’s as if there’s a boilerplate for just about everything — a template for every work routine.

So just like a budding writer who’s excited to get things started, I got intimidated by the blank page. I have too many ideas in mind that it’s as if no words can articulate them. I instead saw the blank page as an excuse to postpone. Good thing I did, because I then realized, there shouldn’t be that much in my plate I couldn’t handle. It’s just that, like many of us trying to keep up with the times, I have too many distractions, a lot of them unnecessarily keeping me glued to my phone. It’s not enough that I get rid of stuff lying around unused, my phone has become a source of distraction, cluttered with apps supposedly to make life easy, yes at a certain extent but they end up helping you lose focus on the most important aspects of life, like truly having a phone-less, face-to-face, eye-to-eye conversation with a person. Something we don’t see people doing more often these days.

While I couldn’t give up my phone entirely as I use it for work, I kept its use to a certain limit. I checked and used my social media accounts to a minimum. I went back to reading books, I’m rereading AA Patawaran’s Write Here Write Now. I eat full breakfast every morning at a fastfood restaurant near my office so I can get a free newspaper (and not have to Google the headlines). I go on afternoon walks and sit at the park, without my phone. I try to run every other day at least 3 kilometers and take cold showers. I started sketching using the many colored pens and pencils I have collected but haven’t been using.

Now that I found more time for offline activities and somehow regained more focus, I faced the blank page once again and realized it really isn’t empty. It’s actually full of potential, a lot of creative possibilities, too many ideas weird and ridiculous and waiting to be written. So here goes, storytelling one blank page at a time.

Your thoughts?

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