Badminton cracked my iPhone 7

My first iPhone is the 3G, heavily protected with a thick case, but when the iPhone 4s came out, with its promise of a stronger exterior, I stopped using a case and used every iteration I owned almost always naked from unboxing. I thought, if Apple says it’s durable, whether glass or aluminum, it must be. Even with a few silly drops here and there, every iPhone I owned survived without cracks. That’s true until today.

It was my usual Sunday cleaning drill at home, when I saw my wife playing badminton outside with a nephew. I joined in. I actually missed playing and just as I was happily sweating it out with heavy smashes, I heard a loud thud from what I thought was a TV remote. Everyone watching us play was in shock: it was my jet black iPhone 7! You can tell from the look on their face, I must be stupid for not being careful or not investing on a protective case.

I forgot it’s in my pocket and must have fallen off when I jumped too high for the shuttlecock. It sustained several cracks, with tiny bits of glasses peeling off. I think I must have outgrown being too attached to gadgets I own that to my surprise I wasn’t sad or anything but was definitely disappointed, feeling shortchanged with what is supposed to be a premium device that’s highly durable.

Look at its cracks, with lines and tiny gaps that look like an octopus with tentacles webbing the display. If there’s any consolation, the screen still works and recognizes any and all gestures. But then the tiny shattered parts mean swiping the screen might actually cut the skin. It also means it’s no longer water and dust proof.

My Facebook status later read: “I’m tougher than my iPhone pero (but) huhuhu…” and friends mostly commented “…it’s time to upgrade to iPhone X!” I wasn’t too excited about last year’s model and skipped, aside from being too pricey it’s almost all glass. Nah, I may have to hold on to this cracked iPhone a bit longer. Another nah, I intend to play badminton regularly.

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