Snappy charger for chilling

Anker's snappy charger for chilling is actually cool.

All the power banks I’ve ever owned, of different shapes and sizes, brands and capacities, have either bloated and doubled in size, or just plain stopped working. I rarely bring one when I go out, but these days you can never tell when you’re going to need one. Like last month when we were out of town, there was a power outage that lasted for two days. Of course, we all run out of batteries on our devices by then. A scary situation especially when in emergencies. Good thing there are now more choices for power banks that use newer and better technology. And one brand that I particularly like is Anker, well-known in the world for producing high-quality, portable chargers and batteries. I’ve been eyeing the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery MagGo, it’s not the latest model though still pricey, it’s the snap-and-charge power bank and foldable kickstand rolled into one that’s also great for chilling.

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Hammered by this flat green wire

I didn’t need an extra pair of earphones, but since I’ve been working from home and have been attending meetings mostly via video or audio call, the first-gen Apple AirPods Pro that I use couldn’t keep up with the hours-long sessions! I’ve had it replaced for its crackling noise twice already (thankfully it’s free and covered by Apple’s service program) but after three years the crackling sound’s slowly making itself heard. While its noise cancellation is a godsend feature (the other end can barely hear our dogs barking), the battery and reception have become problematic lately. So I thought I needed a wired headset, and with so many good options and newer models from Sony, Marshall, and JBL, I decided to go with the flat green wire from Razer instead. Getting tired of the minimalist white so the gamer, snakey green is a welcome change.

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MBP’s still my MVP

My Apple MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro.

Exactly a week ago I got lucky and found a MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro in my color of choice Space Gray. I’ve been looking to buy one for days but couldn’t find an online seller with stocks of the base model. Even with contacts from Greenhills. Authorized resellers like Power Mac Center are of course selling them at ridiculously higher prices. Not sure whether stocks are being held because of the recent announcement of the M2 Pro and M2 Max models. I wasn’t really expecting prices to go down but knowing the demand it would probably happen in a few months when the newer models are released here. I would have settled with the M2 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13, but I couldn’t justify the price and the specs, so I’ve been eyeing the 14-inch model, it’s just not available. Luckily I found one, supposedly the last stock, at a very good price and it was delivered the same day I ordered, go check my Tiktok.

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Cheers to a prosperous 2023!

What we all hoped to be a pivotal year that was 2022, it’s proven to be even more problematic as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. We can go outdoors without face masks now but most of us got too used to it that we can’t go out without protective gear and a bottle of alcohol spray. Businesses that survived the lockdowns and restrictions of the past two years may have gone almost back to normal but with the skyrocketing inflation rates and recession scare, mass layoffs still happened here and there. The prospects of a better new year seem to be pretty farfetched. The pandemic and all these economic woes affecting the world may have discouraged us adding to the uncertainties but the same taught us to be resilient and hopeful. I mean we all thought we can’t make it past 2020, we struggled but still, here we are excited about 2023! It may sound like we’ll need to overcome the impossible, but there are of course opportunities to be financially prepared and thrive.

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Anker over Apple’s charger

Anker PowerPort III mini

When I upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max via Globe Postpaid, I knew I needed to invest in some accessories as the unit will only include the cable but not the charger and headphones. Before the pandemic, I got myself an Airpods Pro that was replaced twice thankfully for free due to a known defect, and a flat Qi wireless charger which I got really cheap that stays at home. While I got used to just carrying the cable with me and using my laptop to charge my iPhone, on several occasions I was dead-bat because I don’t have a USB-C brick or I have no device to attach the USB-C cable to. And so I’ve been eyeing on getting the better and more affordable Apple alternatives, particularly from Anker.

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Shocked by this G-Shock

September ended with life throwing lots of surprises and even more shocking news. Yes, I’ve been very busy but the same month thankfully I was able to privately celebrate my birthday with loved ones and took the opportunity to take a break and reward myself, my wrist actually, with my first CasiOak. It’s what fans termed the now classic Casio G-Shock GA2100-1A1 that bears similar designs to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, as both watches share an octagon bezel with a round crystal and stick-shaped hour markers. Lucky to have caught it at a shockingly low price!

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Love Me Marie’s Dish Please out now!

My youngest son, Kirk Marcus, who plays drums and guitars for his band Love Me Marie, has officially released their first single Dish Please on Spotify and Apple Music. The over 3-minute track, which is a funny take on the supposed “struggle” of having to be the one in the family to be doing the dishes, is an easy tune about the chore most of us hate in our teen years perhaps even now as adults but do it anyway unless you want to get the ire of your parents.

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