At the Tatt Awards 2012 Awards Night

Was invited last 29th of June to Globe Tattoo’s Tatt Awards 2012 Awards Night, not only to witness the recognition of the “raddest digital rockstars” but also as a presenter.

At the NBC Tent, guests were greeted with this theatrical billboard, aside from the fabulous red carpet, the requisite photo wall, and that big display panel that surprisingly doubles as touch-screen. 

I just had late snack at the office, but who can resist that sumptuous dinner? Burp! More wine please. Oh and that round of instrumental rock music from Pulso (new band but already sounding awesome) opening, serenading the show was simply nostalgic, I realized how I miss NU 107 on radio.

After dinner, presenters were called for briefing backstage, and there I was forgetting to get overwhelmed with celebrities, instead sneaking a snapshot of these cool searchlight trophies! Then I busied myself with double-tapping duties for @IGersManila. 

Following photos courtesy of Globe Tattoo:

Rocking the night away and counting down the World Social Media Day in the Philippines! I was alone but thankfully it was an event to celebrate social networks so everyone’s nice and approachable. 

With Tatt Council member and photographer Wig Tysmans presenting the award for The Visualizer.

The Visualizer winner, the tandem of Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo for, with Wig Tysmans and hosts Georgina Wilson and Gino Quillamor. It’s ay-jee-ers-ma-ni-la my dear Georgina, hehehe.

For a complete list of Tatt Awards 2012 winners, click here.

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