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Anker PowerPort III mini

When I upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max via Globe Postpaid, I knew I needed to invest in some accessories as the unit will only include the cable but not the charger and headphones. Before the pandemic, I got myself an Airpods Pro that was replaced twice thankfully for free due to a known defect, and a flat Qi wireless charger which I got really cheap that stays at home. While I got used to just carrying the cable with me and using my laptop to charge my iPhone, on several occasions I was dead-bat because I don’t have a USB-C brick or I have no device to attach the USB-C cable to. And so I’ve been eyeing on getting the better and more affordable Apple alternatives, particularly from Anker.

You know how Apple accessories can be overpriced, so I turn to Anker with which I’ve been reading a lot of great reviews about its charger products. But I have no plans of getting a power bank too as I think it beats the purpose of mobility.

Among the many options available from Anker, I chose the fast charging, ultra-compact PowerPort III mini. It’s a high-speed 30-watt charger with USB-C PowerIQ port, that can charge not only mobile phones and tablets but laptops too. I got it at a discount online on a payday sale.

The cute Anker PowerPort III mini looks great in white.

This Anker charger features 3 advanced technologies – the PowerIQ 3.0 which adapts charging output to enable full-speed charging; VoltageBoost which compensates for cable resistance to keep charging fast; and MultiProtect which ensures total protection for the device and its users such as overheating, fires, or even explosions.

The PowerPort III mini is also 30% smaller than stock 30W chargers (versus MacBook). You’d mistake it for an old Apple charger but the built-in foldable plug and blue LED power input indicator are a giveaway. This Anker charger comes in nice packaging too.

I bring this Anker charger with me all the time, and so far so good after using it several times now. It does fast-charging really well and the LED indicator does help with visually knowing the brick’s working.

How about you, what non-Apple accessories do you carry with you or have in your bag? Appreciate you sharing via comments.

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