And then there’s photo-filtering on Twitter

Today (or tonight someplace else) is quite busy for social photography, as it saw Instagram rehashing the app with its now iconic camera, and later so as not to be outdone, Twitter announcing it has updated its mobile apps with Instagram-like photo editing features, finally putting the rumor to rest, but as if igniting the already heated up race to be the photo-filter-sharing service of choice. Android got it first, while the iOS version still awaits approval as of this writing.

Instagram of course started and popularized this instant-old-looking photos, growing a community of over 100 million Instagram’ers around the world, Twitter probably needed this update to keep up with this trend on stylized mobile photography.


Because photo sharing has become a massive, interactive activity in most social networks, it’s not surprising that Twitter now provides the option for users to edit photos by auto-enhancing, applying filters, and cropping (scaling or square-fitting) prior to adding to tweets.

Gone are the days when you can only share plain-looking snapshots straight from your camera or camera roll. Tweeting and snapping photos got even better, thanks to this Twitter update.


Powered by Aviary, you can choose from one of the 8 filters, ranging from vintage to monochromatic, with which you can either swipe left or right to sample the effects on your photo, or use the grid view to see all the filters at once, applying your filter of choice with a simple tap. Balance light and colors with the auto-enhance wand and finish it off by cropping or scaling to your preferred size.


Now photo-filter-sharing has become even more exciting, from which social network, is all a matter of choice.

Screenshots via Globe Galaxy Note 2.

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