All Day On Instagram’ing with BoostCase for iPhone 5

For iPhone 5 users like me, having to charge its battery two to three times a day, or easily discharging it after only a few hours of use, is a major turnoff, especially if you’re into Instagram’ing or phoneography. The iPhone 5 is a beautiful do-it-all device, but it shouldn’t stop you from snapping special moments just because it’s battery-dead. Thank goodness there’s a BoostCase Hybrid Battery for iPhone 5, that will let you enjoy Instagram’ing all day on, and you can get yours now at Beyond The Box.


The BoostCase is a two-piece solution for the iPhone 5: (1) use the slim snap-case for everyday protection and (2) attach the battery case to charge your iPhone 5, then easily slide it off when fully charged. The stylishly designed snap-on case is velvety, maintaining the iPhone 5’s thin and sleek profile, while the detachable extended battery sleeve provides up to 80% more battery life, conveniently recharged via micro USB port and cable, which can also be used for syncing with iTunes.


The holes on the back of the BoostCase snap-case are there for a reason, they actually hold a variety of attachments (such as a kickstand, a hand strap etc., sold separately) that extend its functionality. A wrist strap attachment would be especially useful for phoneography – imagine snapping photos in the most challenging angles, without the worries of dropping or damaging your iPhone.

The slide-on, slide-off design of the BoostCase battery case provides added convenience – you attach it only when you need to charge your iPhone 5 – so you don’t have to carry the bulk when both cases are on. And even when the battery sleeve is attached, the added weight is not exactly bothersome (carrying a block of extra battery pack is), and thankfully it doesn’t get in the way of snapping photos.

The BoostCase Hybrid Battery is the perfect iPhone 5 accessory for non-stop snap-shooting and sharing of visual stories all day on. Available at Beyond The Box, the BoostCase Hybrid Battery for iPhone 5 comes in two capacities and in a variety of colors: the 2200 MAH at PHP 3,950.00 and 1500 MAH at PHP 3,250.00.

Photos snapped with iPhone 5 and iPad 4, edited in Camera+ and Diptic apps. BoostCase Hybrid Battery for iPhone 5 courtesy of Beyond The Box.

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