We’re greeted with even more rains this first day of Sextilis, this month’s original Latin name, what we’d like to call Agosto thanks to our Spanish influence – I’d say it’s the month of agos – flow, then images of water come to mind. No I’m not thinking of floods, aren’t we Pinoys used to that already?

But August reminds me of Buwan ng Pambansang Wika (National Language Month) when we are encouraged to speak in our mother tongue Filipino and promote it as a medium of communication – we do back in school, at home of course, and now on certain days at work – and while you’ll hear most Filipinos speaking in Taglish (Filipino and English) at least we haven’t lost our culture of respect by still ending our sentences with po and opo. Let’s keep that flow of communication open, without losing our national identity.

You must have already planned your long weekend later this month but do you have any idea what the holidays are all about? It’s our National Heroes Day on the 29th and Eidul Fitr (end of the holy month of Ramadan) on the 30th. Remember the Cry of Pugad Lawin by the Katipunan. Think about our Muslim brothers. There’s no denying the flow of our patriotic past and religious heritage.

So more rains this month – whether more pains (or more gains) will be entirely up to you/us. As for me, I’d be keeping the good vibes flowing, August onwards.

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