This is Carl C. Lozano and is my online journal of sorts about day-to-day (mis)adventures at work, home (and elsewhere) with random posts on what catches and distracts attention—the sleazy cyberspace and social networks getting more and more impersonal; touchy-feely phones and gadgetry that can be too fancy you don’t want them out of your sight; thank goodness for iPhoneography (short for iPhone photography, that made everyone a photographer albeit a hobbyist or enthusiast) freezing precious moments doesn’t have to be SLR-expensive; fiercely fast automobiles that are practically unaffordable; working productively stress-free in the Philippine sunshine industry; swaying to whoawesome rock music like lullabies; rolling with stories in pop paperbacks or drawn fantasies; romancing the sofa with smashing action flicks and threesome movie franchises; hard-to-find toys you either keep in boxes or never play with; and of course our unique Filipino/Pinoy lifestyle—signs we’d love to see or hate or ignore, but unfortunately can’t live without.


When the iPhone first came out in 2007, not only did it reshape the smartphone industry by introducing and influencing many of the technological innovations we have been enjoying since, it also changed the way we capture and share life’s precious moments–what came to be known as iPhoneography, that’s mobile or instant photography–so it’s no surprise that the iPhone has become the most popular camera around the world.

It was the iPhone 3G that convinced me I won’t need other phones (I owned several Nokia smartphones prior) and tagged myself the iPhoneist – relying on it heavily to manage not only my day-to-day activities but to do photography as well, as it has become my camera of choice, having upgraded to the iPhone 4 and almost every iteration after, dropping and breaking several naked iPhones later, I’m now using an iPhone 11 Pro Max protected with a leather case. I tried using other phones and platforms (Nokia’s Microsoft Windows Phone and Android on Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series) while there’s nothing not to like, in fact they’re sometimes ahead than what iOS devices have on offer, I just had to stick to the contrasting simplicity and complexity of the iPhone.

IGersManila Philippines
IGersManila Philippines is the global community for Filipino Instagrammers (or IGers / ay-ji-ers). Founded by Carl C. Lozano (@cclozano) and moderated with Ed Calaycay (@edcalaycay), Petim Maminta (@ipetim), and Pinky Delos Reyes (@pinkipop27), the collaborative group features a colorful blend of cultures and the telling stories behind the photos and videos, spawning unique visual artistry through the daily #9pmhabit visual storytelling habit, with over 25,000 followers to date.

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