A love and hate of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge


It’s been over two months when I got tempted and gave in to getting an Android smartphone for my postpaid plan retention, an irresistible deal of a free Samsung Gear VR when re-contracting to the newest Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. I of course picked the S7 Edge, opting for the shimmery gold color. Will this make me give up my Apple/iOS tendencies? Well, it’s a love and hate relationship. This is not a review, but here’s my experience so far.

I love that the Samsung S7 Edge looks gorgeous in gold, and feels solidly built. I hate that its accessories (headphones, charger, etc. all in white) are like an afterthought, and already about to ask to be replaced.

I love that the Samsung S7 Edge made it seem like it’s easy to move from iOS, with its SmartSwitch app and accessory. I hate that that’s not exactly the case, took time to figure out how data is not only moved but synced, what with Android’s several hiccups in my attempts, thankfully I was able to do it piecemeal.

I love that the Samsung S7 Edge has given the edge more functionality, allowing for shortcuts for easy access to apps, contacts, and extra tools. I hate that the additional screen space is too sensitive its a bit tricky to operate with one-hand or with both hands, you’ll have to be careful not to touch the edge, or you’ll think it hang.

I love the always on display. I hate that it only notifies you of missed calls and messages, I was hoping to get notified of emails as well, including other messaging apps I use for work such as Viber, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

I love that it’s waterproof and I got to use it last summer to snap photos and videos in the pool. I hate that using it underwater is an epic fail and that the speaker’s sound gets distorted when wet.

I love that the Samsung S7 Edge charges really fast. I hate that it gets hot easily even when not plugged in, sometimes too hot you’d think/feel it’s overheating, especially when on heavy data use. For that it’s not entirely pocketable you’d want to keep it in your purse.

I love the camera, perfect for Instagram’ing! I hate that by default, the front camera “beautifies” your selfies, supposedly to hide blemishes and give you that creamy skin tone. You can of course change this setting with a few taps and swipes.

I love the awesome display, vivid-vibrant, photos and videos indeed come to life and are strikingly beautiful! I hate that, as warned by a friend of its common display problem, there’s now a dead pixel (a red dot) only after a month’s use.

I love that the Samsung S7 Edge is preloaded with a lot of useful apps, especially S Health. I was able to monitor my heart and stress rates and have been hitting my walking goals a few times. I hate that I tend to simply ignore them.

I love the Samsung Gear VR bundled free with the S7 Edge, it’s a new experience, it’s amazing especially when playing games. I hate that I get dizzy even with short use, I wish I can bring it with me.

Now don’t get me wrong, my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a keeper, what with the many strong points that will make you somehow ignore its shortcomings. Mine is a Duos version, so I get to use two SIMs regardless of telco. That’s why it’s my main smartphone now.

Still, given its impressive specs with the Gear VR extending its functionality for added entertainment, it’s not enough to make me ditch my iPhone 6s Plus, which is equally amazing as a mobile phone for both work and play.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and have the same love and hate experience, here’s a list of common problems and how you can fix them.

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