Looking back at my 2018, I thought not much has happened. But pretty much like everyone else during the holiday break, in anticipation of the new year clocking in, I browsed my phone’s photo gallery for moments that must have stood out. I realized I haven’t been taking that many photos as before, still, I can sum up an awe-mazing year with this slideshow.

Dish gardens, more puppers, food & getting fat, working behind the scenes, new communities, reunions, partying at McDo, rethinking wellness at the office, new ventures

Thinking about it, the lesser photos, though still in the hundreds, was really intentional. I was either too busy or somehow unconsciously distanced myself from social media, trying to rely less and less on my phone. I guess this must have been influenced by last year’s decluttering and aspirations to go minimalist, though I’ve a long way to go. I really wanted each life moment to sink in. And not pass up the opportunity to fully enjoy or learn from every misadventure. There were 18 things that stood out that I’ll be sharing soon. In the hope that readers of this blog can pick up learnings too. The one big lesson I hope to carry with me this new year is to focus on what matters most, expect no less from this platform.

Your thoughts?

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