1/4 of 2018

For a good quarter of the year, I busied myself with mostly offline activities, even took a quick experimental sabbatical of sorts from social media. Thus, it took a while to get back to writing on this seemingly stale, abandoned blog. It’s easy to point to work as the usual suspect but not exactly, though it’s been as challenging (read: stressful) as ever, what with the changing tides in business, I actually have this renewed determination to make things happen, create and recreate the new and old, pursue better if not best outcomes, be the teacher and learner given the opportunity, not only professionally, most importantly for my own person.

It was this decluttering project that got me somewhat always weirdly excited, restless even. While I was slowly giving up some of my treasured possessions, starting with spare and unused gadgets, collectible toys and lately the pricey sneakers (thanks to carousell) I somehow regained this appreciation of only having a few, basic but important stuff, and pay attention to things that matter most. This means more time and energy spent for my well being, ultimately equating to more treasured moments with family and friends. And as if addicted to shopping, though the exact opposite, I no longer buy “want” things as I am now buying more “need” things and was always on the look out for the next extra or unused stuff that I can either sell or donate or pass on to relatives.

This minimalist aspiration of having less later influenced how I use social media. I asked myself why I was there and instantly realized it’s an extra, a “want” that I can live without. Thinking back, curiosity got me into social media. The catching up with long lost friends kept the interest. But I was never there to be popular, wasn’t posting to speak my mind or engage others in a debate, and was recently turned off with the proliferation of obviously fake news but supported nonetheless by a massive number of users, that sadly includes friends and relatives. I experimented with the do’s and dont’s, the on and off with various social media platforms and the irony is that, given its varying algorithm of what’s good and dislikable, can potentially turn you into someone you’re really not and who you’ll eventually hate. So I almost deactivated, deleted all of my accounts, if not for work-related reasons. But that would’ve meant quitting social media being the ultimate social influencer. It was there that I made a lot of friends when I started IGersManila, social media users from different backgrounds enjoying photography, appreciating visual art, contributing to community. I told myself, if the bad outweigh the good reasons for using social media, then why don’t I help (never mind the size of my following as it still is influence) boost the goodness so it overpowers the bad. Besides, it’s become my mantra to “keep the good vibes rolling” so why stop.

The same restlessness I took to heart at work. I was failing, sometimes miserably given the unpredictable circumstances, but not quitting. Frustrated a lot of times but keeping at it and learning. I might have lost a lot of clutter, some of them perceived priceless (but no, just pricey), but I can’t explain what this certain strength or motivational power I regained it’s almost therapeutic. It’s as if I’m always on the look out for bad vibes that can be turned for the good, it’s addicting. I’ve come across colleagues hating my guts but that didn’t stop me. When you de-clutter, it’s as if you’re no longer afraid to lose.

So it was a good quarter of 2018, having to lose so I can gain. Mind you this is something I did though drastically but in earnest, and like dominoes of misadventures, turned into meaningful experiences I’ll be sharing soon, so stay tuned.

Your thoughts?

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