Videoke day at the office

Last Saturday, we had our first chill out activity at the office–it’s videoke day! Unlike our usual Fish! and Wacky Work days, this sing-your-heart-out-eat-a-lot-of-junk-food activity did not require so much preparation (and take much of agents’ time) in fact, I did most of the work.

It’s fun–seeing and hearing each agent interpret a song that somehow reflects the personality–and can’t help but laugh out loud as we try to outperform each other by avoiding getting out of tune, doing hilarious dance moves and antics, and keeping the score at least 80.

It was a feat, hehehe.

Carl C. Lozano (aka Daddy C or CCLozano) is an Operations Management and Customer Service Professional, currently the General Manager of HSNI/Shop TV and Founder of IGersManila Philippines. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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