To be young and in love

Here’s another reason why nostalgic, melancholic music lovers such as myself can’t help but fall in love with Lana Del Rey. Her Honeymoon album may already be too old for fans having been released 2015, but some luckily got an ear-load of her new song “Love” after it leaked across the Internet ahead of its official release.

It’s as expected of Lana Del Rey’s dramatic tunes – melodically and lyrically transporting you to a time when life seem to look and sound too simple yet lovely. This is said to be dedicated to fans as it’s no longer about her but Lana speaking to us. And the music video, published days after the track, even added some sort of dreamy magic, reinforcing its message of youth, the joy of simply being with another’s company. You’ll get hooked seeing Lana in her usual style but smiling and singing happily, just awesome.

Excuse me while I savor the sweet memories of my not-too-distant youth and unforgettable misadventures in love, and put this song (and video) on loop.

Your thoughts?

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