The Instagram 4.1 update is almost unexpected but welcome

Well I thought limiting only “at the moment” video uploading to Instagram is a great idea (though there’s already a workaround) as it forces you to share only your freshest of videographic creations – that will change with the 4.1 version for iOS and Android – which allows you to upload videos from your phone’s media library, regardless of when they were captured. An update that’s almost unexpected but of course very much welcome.

According to Instagram, this is one of the most requested features, and with this update, you can pick a previously snapped video clip and trim it down to parts you like to share, now with the option to choose how to square-crop so you can keep the action front and center.

For the iOS version, you can now fix that crooked horizon instantly when snapping photos using the Instagram camera, with the addition of the new straighten icon. which includes a slider to rotate and adjust your photo to your desired level. Notice how Instagram’s slowly working its way into becoming a full-featured phoneography app?

So, should we expect flooding of paparazzi-like party clips, the narcissistic selfie monologues, or the more creative, storied vidsnaps? Let’s see, as our Instagram feeds’ no longer still-photos-only, posts now move and sound off as well.

Carl C. Lozano (aka Daddy C or CCLozano) is an Operations Management and Customer Service Professional, currently the General Manager of HSNI and Founder of IGersManila Philippines, one of the pioneering communities in Instagram, open to Filipino Instagram’ers (IGers) and phoneographers around the world, with its longest running photo challenge – the #IGersManila #9pmhabit – becoming the daily visual storytelling habit that continues to yield positive interaction online and offline. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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