Instagram’ing soon on a Windows Phone

Sorry BlackBerry, but it looks like Nokia beat you to the queue, as Instagram is officially releasing “in the coming weeks” a version of the hugely popular photo-sharing app for the Windows Phone mobile platform. This great news was somehow overshadowed by Apple’s October 22 iPad event, but is considered to be a big deal anyway as this is seen as a jumpstart to encourage other application developers to support Windows Phone. After Instagram, it’s expected that photo filters and video editing apps will follow suit with official releases.

As for Nokia, the clamor via photography app and hashtag probably worked, and its Lumia line will greatly benefit from this development, and should convince Instagram’ers and phoneographers looking for more device choices. We’re of course excited to welcome Windows Phone users to our Instagram’ing community. And here’s hoping BlackBerry can work things out and catch up.


And this will be my excuse for falling in love with Nokia again, by way of its latest powerful duo: the Nokia Lumia 925 or 1020 (pictured above), as I’m sure either smartphone won’t fall short when pitted against its iOS and Android device counterparts, at least in terms of phoneography features.

Source: The Verge | Photo: Nokia Philippines

It’s like watching an episode of MOBBED, this 60-minute “Movement” commercial for Microsoft’s Surface, the much anticipated tablet with touch cover that turns into a keyboard, will be out in the US this October. Let’s see how this supposed iPad-killer will fare in the market, a welcome addition to gadgetry choices this holiday shopping season, that is, if the Surface (in Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro flavors) gets officially launched locally in time.