Running for the heart this 2017

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I’m not really saying I’m back, that’s because I didn’t exactly go away. Let’s just say I was mostly offline busy making sure I’d be kissing 2016 goodbye with a smile. It was a tough year, lost my mother to a deadly stroke late February, that left me barely able to focus at work even months after. And when I was about to get things back to normal, by July at our company’s annual physical examination, I was advised by the doctor that I needed to change my daily routine, lifestyle as a whole in other words, as my ECG results indicate I will highly likely suffer the same fate as my parents, who both died from stroke. I already quit smoking more than a year, but my slightly fragile heart deserves a much needed pumping to stay healthy, that’s when I decided I needed to go back to running.

While my work schedule practically won’t allow me to easily hit the streets for a quick round of jogging and clock in the miles, I didn’t think twice signing up to a newly opened 24-hour gym in our area. So since August last year, I have been working out my heart, so cardio mostly, running at least 30 minutes a day, sweating it out in the treadmill. My wife would tease me that I should hashtag this change as #GymIsLife, as I was really trying to squeeze in regular gym visits after work every week. The monthly gym membership fee, while discounted, wasn’t cheap, so I made that one of the major reasons to come whenever I can, as regular visits will somehow make it worth the costly signup.

But more than anything, it was my health that’s my priority, I need to take care of myself, so I can then take care of my family and those who rely on me. Like a late bloomer though, I struggled in the gym, a lot. It wasn’t easy from day one, but I kept at it, using apps and trying on gears (which I’ll write about soon) to make each training and run productive yet enjoyable. I would have given up easily, if not for the same reason I started. Every time I feel some sort of body pain, I would take it as an indication of my progress (or plateau), and would intend to do more or better next time to keep myself healed and fueled with energy.

So after two 5 kilometer runs (the Instagram above was taken at McDonald’s Stripes Run for Reading) last quarter of 2016, I intend to do more this 2017, working on my speed and endurance, which will ultimately keep my heart healthily beating. See you on the tracks soon, cheers!

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