Pop goes our heart for Music and Lyrics

Yesterday, my wife and I were like teenagers too excited to see a bubblegum movie as a romantic Valentine’s/birthday date wrap-up.

She’s digging Babel but it’s run was over and instead we reserved tickets for Music and Lyrics that starred Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore at the Gateway Cineplex.

I’m an 80’s guy and can strongly relate to the movie – it’s funny with a novel plot – I’ll say you’ll hum to the poppy tunes on your way out. Listen to Hugh’s one-liner witty remarks combined with Drew’s ever-so-lovely sweetness.

The hair (which I did back then), the dance moves and fashion style (which I also did back then), and the videos (which were considered that amazing back then) – they all brought back high school memories. I used to think I look and sound like Curt Smith of Tears For Fears when I was on my senior years.

What I really like about the movie? I do think it’s a great idea to have Debbie Gibson and Tiffany outdo each other in a boxing ring.

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