iOS 7 turned Instagram flat and roundish

It’s been a week since Apple released iOS 7, its totally revamped mobile operating system that embraces what most call as flat but a clean and bright design statement, ditching its skeuomorphic tendencies, of which critics were quick to proclaim as Android-ish. And while Instagram may have missed the first week of rollout, today it has released version 4.2 that adopts the iOS 7 look and feel, and a few aesthetic tweaks.


Yesterday I was playing around with Studio Design app and posted circle-cropped posts on Instagram and it was such a coincidence that the app would later release an update with a simplified (read: flat) interface and rounded profile photos in the feed. And yes, today’s my birthday :)


Thin borders, clean background all throughout, and the photos and videos are now larger (and padding smaller) in grid views, with the resolution enhanced as well, supposedly for a better Instagram’ing experience. So far I’m not complaining. Go ahead and update your Instagram app for iOS.

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BBM for iPhone got out but later pulled

The much awaited release of BlackBerry Messenger or BBM for both iOS and Android is supposedly this weekend, and true enough, late Saturday night (PST +8:00) I was able to download the app from the Philippine App Store, but the link by Sunday morning no longer works (even that of the Purchased link) and unsearchable – the app seem to have been pulled.

My BBM experience is short-lived, but I wanted to try out the app anyway, if it’s any good compared to current iOS messaging big timers, such as Line, KakaoTalk, or even Viber. And of course, so I can reach out to friends who are purely on BBM. Though I must say the app’s look and feel is dated, now that most iPhone users presumably have upgraded to iOS 7.


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At the PH+SocialGood Summit

Good vibes are not enough – felt really good that invited me and IGersManila and we obliged – to be part of the 2013 Manila Social Good Summit. Organized by Rappler, Google and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), this year’s summit aims to come up with concrete next action steps that are possible now to ensure a better future by the year 2030, thus the thematic hashtag #2030Now, focused on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the Philippines.


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Hash-tagging Da Vinci via Instagram

I was with IGersManila moderators, collaborators, and fellow Instagram’ers, making up almost half of the invitees at the exclusive instameet preview of Da Vinci The Genius at The Mind Museum, touted as the only exhibition that offers the full Da Vinci experience – the look, analysis, and interaction with the works of this Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, the ever famous Renaissance Man. This exhibition is developed by Grande Exhibitions Australia under the auspices of the Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze, and Citta di Venezia, traveling across the globe and now it’s here in Manila!

The preview is actually an Instagram’ing event, attended also by bloggers, but instead of the usual museum tour, we did a “Finding Leonardo” photo-hunt activity with which guests were asked to explore the exhibit by snapping and sharing photos of Da Vinci’s works, with hashtags that present the creations of the multi-faceted genius in a variety of areas such as music, art, anatomy, engineering, among others, including codices and his many inventions. Check out the posts tagged with #DaVinciTheGeniusPH in Instagram.

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@IGersManila’s #LetsSpeakApp Talk Series Launched



Recognizing that mobile phoneography has evolved from just taking quick snaps of precious moments to sharing to the world our creative visual stories, @IGersManila launched #LetsSpeakApp, a 3-part talk series on enhancing visual stories.

In partnership with @SMMegamall which is celebrating #MegaCyberMonth this August, the talk series was launched at the Mega Atrium on August 17, 2013.


The first talk  ”Be Still” focused on apps used for visual snapshots. Speaking in front of Pinoy Instagram’ers, Carl Lozano, founder of @IGersManila, discussed essential iOS apps that he personally uses in his visual storytelling. #TheMods Ed Calaycay, on the other hand, did a live demo of the apps he used in his Android device.

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The Instagram 4.1 update is almost unexpected but welcome

Well I thought limiting only “at the moment” video uploading to Instagram is a great idea (though there’s already a workaround) as it forces you to share only your freshest of videographic creations – that will change with the 4.1 version for iOS and Android - which allows you to upload videos from your phone’s media library, regardless of when they were captured. An update that’s almost unexpected but of course very much welcome.

According to Instagram, this is one of the most requested features, and with this update, you can pick a previously snapped video clip and trim it down to parts you like to share, now with the option to choose how to square-crop so you can keep the action front and center. Continue reading

All Day On Instagram’ing with BoostCase for iPhone 5

For iPhone 5 users like me, having to charge its battery two to three times a day, or easily discharging it after only a few hours of use, is a major turnoff, especially if you’re into Instagram’ing or phoneography. The iPhone 5 is a beautiful do-it-all device, but it shouldn’t stop you from snapping special moments just because it’s battery-dead. Thank goodness there’s a BoostCase Hybrid Battery for iPhone 5, that will let you enjoy Instagram’ing all day on, and you can get yours now at Beyond The Box.


The BoostCase is a two-piece solution for the iPhone 5: (1) use the slim snap-case for everyday protection and (2) attach the battery case to charge your iPhone 5, then easily slide it off when fully charged. The stylishly designed snap-on case is velvety, maintaining the iPhone 5’s thin and sleek profile, while the detachable extended battery sleeve provides up to 80% more battery life, conveniently recharged via micro USB port and cable, which can also be used for syncing with iTunes. Continue reading

IGersManila presents “ANINO”



Snap a selfie, win a goody with your Nokia Asha 501

If you already own the super smart pocket power that is Nokia Asha 501, the pocket-friendly yet powerful and simple to use smartphone, letting you enjoy everything you love in one screen and just a swipe away, then snap a selfie and show off your new smartphone to get a FREE Nokia Asha 501 shell.

You have until July 28, 2013 to send your selfie – just snap a photo of yourself holding your Nokia Asha 501 then submit it to the Nokia Philippines Facebook page at

The dual SIM and WiFi capable Nokia Asha 501 has a scratch resistant touchscreen, packed with exciting apps and innovative features, available in six bold colors, at only PHP 4,490.00 SRP from Nokia Stores and authorized retailers.