A love and hate of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge


It’s been over two months when I got tempted and gave in to getting an Android smartphone for my postpaid plan retention, an irresistible deal of a free Samsung Gear VR when re-contracting to the newest Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. I of course picked the S7 Edge, opting for the shimmery gold color. Will this make me give up my Apple/iOS tendencies? Well, it’s a love and hate relationship. This is not a review, but here’s my experience so far. continue reading »

We love LesMis Manila!

I almost forgot about Les Misérables having a Manila run this year until I saw an ad on Facebook. Thanks to my wife, without second thought, I initially considered buying just two tickets, but since our kids loved the film adaptation, we decided that the four of us should go. It’s the first time we’re watching a musical as a family (my second, having seen Miss Saigon way back), and while the tickets weren’t exactly affordable – having read Victor Hugo’s classic novel several times, listened to the original Broadway soundtrack (I have the double-CD but it’s in my Spotify playlist) even memorizing the lyrics, comparing previous movie versions – all worth it we proclaimed! Besides, LesMis is the world’s most popular musical playing for the first time in the Philippines, we didn’t want to miss it! continue reading »

Instagram’ing with multiple accounts


Initially tested and supported on the Android platform late last year, Instagram has finally made multiple account switching available on both iOS and Android versions with the 7.15 app update. One of its highly requested feature, this is definitely a welcome relief for professional photographers, social media managers, and small business owners, who maintain more than one Instagram account. This is great news, especially for community managers such as myself, as this means you can now manage up to five Instagram accounts using only one mobile device. Awesome timing as well that it was announced and gradually rolled out on the Chinese New Year holiday. continue reading »

I love you Charlie…

I’m not really into pets. My earliest memory of a pet was a native chicken I childishly assumed was mine, it’s about to become a hen, until someone in the family craved adobo as pulutan. It’s not exactly traumatic, but I can recall the chicken panicking (and thought it was crying) when the kitchen all of a sudden became busy and festive and the kettle whistling a signal that my dear pet’s about to meet its end. I skipped meal teary-eyed and hated everyone that day for feasting on my poor chicken. I can no longer remember her name, but I prayed that she enjoys clucking her way to heaven. Like a typical Filipino household, our family kept askal dogs my brothers would usually call “Boxer” but never to be considered as pet, nor mine. A former agent gifted me with a Labrador puppy, called her Athena. She was to be our first pet, now with a family of my own, but it bit me, costing a lot on anti-rabies sessions after, so we decided to give her up and send to my in-laws. Broke my heart that she died a month after. I thought, I’m too busy to worry about a dog, I decided no more pets. continue reading »

Bo’s Coffee’s 2016 Journal is out and IGersManila’s in it!

It was July 2015 when IGersManila got an invitation to collaborate with Bo’s Coffee for its 2016 journal, which of course we humbly accepted and has since asked our fellow IGers to submit their standout Instagram posts, with us moderators shortlisting Phoneography tips from our experience doing our Create-Share-Inspire talks. Months have passed and almost forgetting about the project until we got another invitation, this time to its launch at Bo’s Coffee in Bonifacio High Street BGC, with which we finally got to see how the journal turned out! Ahead of the launch date, our photos were on exhibit at the venue, a teaser of sorts and added surprise treat to our collaborators – we’re excited and proud to have become a part of this collaborative project – a playbook to showcase homegrown talents and inspire creativity, thanks to the support of a homegrown brand, Bo’s Coffee.


Bo’s Coffee’s Start: A Creativity Journal highlights the amazing creative work of Filipino creatives – Works of Heart, Jayneil Padilla, Vincent Navarro, and IGersManila – with helpful tips to get you started on an artistic endeavor, whether it be typography, sketching, and of course mobile photography, even coffee painting. continue reading »