Marriage is not always easy

This was my “codigo” when I was asked to speak for a wedding reception some years ago, for a couple that me and wife are both friends with. I was happy to oblige but it was unusual of me that I have come up with the speech the same day as the event, while me and my wife were in the car on our way to the church, doing it via Notes on my iPhone 3G. It was short and sweet but not unforgettable. I meant to prepare a long one, but in my busyness I ended up with just a draft I kept repeating in my mind, the idea being that marriage is not always easy.

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Instagram that #KindComments!

We’re doing a sit-down instameet (read: sit and sip coffee while talking about social phoneography) for Instagram’s Worldwide Instameet 16 #wwim16ph #wwim16 at Commune in Makati City. As the theme this time is #kindcomments, we thought of bringing back the early days of Instagram meetups, which are usually done in coffee shops or “instagrammable spots” where faceless usernames with the same passion for actually anything mobile app or online-related, meet for the first time and reveal their true identities (and later to become very good friends), and talk, exchange follows and likes, do on-the-spot editing tutorials, and snap lots of selfies and group shots.

Sign up now as seats are very limited, see you!

Nokia 8 – Share both sides of the story

So far I’ve read so many positive reviews of Nokia 8, supposedly being the first to offer that dual-sight camera mode and that gorgeously polished aluminum unibody in colors that are simply amazing, will this finally revive the Nokia that most of us (at least in my age) have come to love, the brand that gave us our first mobile phone. This is an Android smartphone (not the Windows Phone of previous iterations), so yes this (and possibly the rest of its Android line up) stands a chance to compete with the bigger guns of Apple and Samsung and gives us, and its still loyal following, more options when in the market for a new phone.

Trouble as a friend

If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I would not pass it round. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it. I don’t embrace trouble; that’s as bad as treating it as an enemy. But I do say meet it as a friend, for you’ll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it.

:: Oliver Wendell Holmes ::

Oh they’re just getting started with the MRT-7

It’s been months seeing structures being erected of what looks like circular frames for the new MRT along Regalado Avenue, and traffic’s been terrible since. I didn’t know they’re just getting started until I come across this rather bad news. That could only mean adding an hour or even more to travel time, struggling going out with the limited or closed out lanes and squeezing back in with shortcuts that are already congested. Bring a thick book daily or load up your Spotify with a long playlist, it’s going to be a looonnnggg ride until at least 2018.

The good morning mentality 

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Please don’t think me rude if I greet you “good morning” even in the afternoon or evening, or at the wrong hour of the day. Not that I have lost the sense of time, but it’s something I picked up from a college friend, a successful real estate broker, whose charisma shines with her infectious laughter and cheerful chatter. When we got together for a video workshop and interview one late afternoon, she started with a “good morning” opening spiel. And as if she knew she’ll be corrected, continued on by saying “it’s because I begin and end my day like it’s always a good morning.”

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Portraiture under pressure

We’re at History Con Philippines 2017 and in the Photo Face-Off Masterclass with Justin Mott, under his eager coaching and cheerful push to be uniquely creative with only 30 seconds, this quick snap won me Top 3 and a prize! As I don’t usually get the chance to join contests, this is really unexpected, what I thought felt like being Miss USA during Pia Wurtzbach’s controversial Miss Universe win!

Third of July

Today marks the start of one of our biggest family project – we’re having our house renovated. My wife and I were initially unsure, even apprehensive, but through my mother-in-law’s support, and after going back and forth, checking and re-checking on costing, design and layouts, and several ideas shared with our kids, we’re convinced this is something we need done this year. While we’re about to welcome the rainy season soon, which some might be dissuaded as it’s bad timing for any major construction, there’s no turning back as we start turning our ancestral single-floor house to a home we can finally call our own. Update soon 🙂