IGersManila at Preview’s Fashion X Art

It was October of 2012 when IGersManila first joined a live portraiture session via Preview X Claudio Bravo and last Friday, February 21st, we got invited once again by Preview Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Pauline Juan to cover Preview’s Fashion X Art, featuring the works of Rajo Laurel, Leeroy New, and Nikki Luna, in partnership with Art Fair Philippines 2014.


After convening the Instagram’ers we tagged along at The Link Parkway Drive (a parking space turned into a temporary art gallery), the Fashion X Art live portraiture session was on, starting off with Rajo Laurel’s “Living Liquid” with the famous fashion designer showcasing his flair for artistic statement via the seemingly plain-looking wardrobe quickly transforming into a variety of shapes and forms. We then proceeded to Leeroy New’s “Chrysalis” live sculpture show, and we were amazed at seeing how the skeletal dome-like frames, the female and male models, and chemical materials combine to take into the pupa-like artwork. And our last stop was at Nikki Luna’s interactive art installation entitled “Consume” with the hanging mirrorball-like shirt shimmering with its own story.

Check out the tagged entries at #IGersXPreview.

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