Easiest and fastest iOS update

The iOS 5.0.1 update (for Apple’s iDevices) was released early this morning and since iOS 5 added this cool feature of OTA (over-the-air) and Mac/PC-free syncing, I checked my iPhone 4 (via Settings General Software Update) if it can sniff the update from my location – it did.

This iOS update is supposed to fix the bug that easily drains the battery – a problem that afforded me with only about 5 hours of use and has kept me charging my iPhone about 3 times a day – well, my 3G’s always on. Other fixes are really minor, at least for my case.

This is by far the easiest and fastest iOS update (you only need to download part of the software that’s changed and not the whole package) – took less than 10 minutes and without having to connect my iPhone to my MacBook – as my last early-adopter-excited update kept me up the whole night, what with Apple’s servers failing as expected.

While I was expecting to get errors (don’t we all get too excited that we join the millions of users around the world in downloading the update on the dot after release?) – my iPhone 4’s software update was completed without a glitch. One happy iPhoneist here.

UPDATE: Oh no, Apple support forums get mounting complaints from iPhone users about the iOS 5.0.1 update not fixing the battery problem, with some getting even shorter battery life than before. Apple confirmed to All Things D it’s investigating the iPhone battery issues experienced by some users. I haven’t really checked if my iPhone 4’s battery got better (that’s because it’s never idle), but I sure hope this gets fixed in the next iOS update.

Carl C. Lozano (aka Daddy C or CCLozano) is an Operations Management and Customer Service Professional, currently the General Manager of HSNI/Shop TV and Founder of IGersManila Philippines. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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