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This is Carl C. Lozano and is my online journal about day-to-day (mis)adventures at work, home (and elsewhere) with random posts on what catches and distracts attention—the sleazy cyberspace and social networks getting more and more impersonal; touchy-feely phones and gadgetry that can be too fancy you don’t want them out of your sight; thank goodness for iPhoneography (short for iPhone photography – snapshots transformed into visual art) freezing precious moments doesn’t have to be SLR-expensive; fiercely fast automobiles that are practically unaffordable; working productively stress-free in the Philippine sunshine industry; swaying to whoawesome rock music like lullabies; rolling with stories in pop paperbacks or drawn fantasies; romancing the sofa with smashing action flicks and threesome movie franchises; hard-to-find toys you either keep in boxes or never play with; and of course our unique Pinoy lifestyle—signs we’d love to see or hate or ignore, but unfortunately can’t live without.

Carl C. Lozano is the General Manager for a Telesales and Customer Service company and founder of IGersManila Philippines. Check out print features and media appearances at Exposures. You can support by buying artwork.

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