Instagram’ing with our furry friends

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When Instagram announced the Worldwide Instameet 15 and the theme will be “kindness” we thought this is something we’ve already done at IGersManila in many of our social good campaigns and so we asked our collaborators pool for ideas. We got several amazing ideas but we figured most will be difficult to do given the short timeframe to prepare and the minimal resources we have. continue reading »

To be young and in love

Here’s another reason why nostalgic, melancholic music lovers such as myself can’t help but fall in love with Lana Del Rey. Her Honeymoon album may already be too old for fans having been released 2015, but some luckily got an ear-load of her new song “Love” after it leaked across the Internet ahead of its official release. continue reading »

Are you a quitter in seat?

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“Quitting in seat” is the more popular use, referring to an employee who decides to stay with a company but is no longer engaged or is just doing enough to keep the job. You may have dealt with one, but quitters in seat are not necessarily problematic employees who fail miserably at the tasks they’re assigned to. In fact, they may have become top performers at one point, then slowly faded in the background having no interest in doing more than what’s expected, for the practical reason of just staying in the payroll. continue reading »

Calculating the math of Hidden Figures

When I got an invite to the press screening of Hidden Figures, I actually thought it’s either a tearjerker movie about body consciousness, of women empowerment or a comedic book adaptation about shaping-up to breakout as a model. While I read snippets of news about it when it released in the US last December, I honestly didn’t have a clue what the buzz was all about, though I got intrigued as it got Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, and already won at SAG, among other accolades. continue reading »

Running for the heart this 2017

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I’m not really saying I’m back, that’s because I didn’t exactly go away. Let’s just say I was mostly offline busy making sure I’d be kissing 2016 goodbye with a smile. It was a tough year, lost my mother to a deadly stroke late February, that left me barely able to focus at work even months after. And when I was about to get things back to normal, by July at our company’s annual physical examination, I was advised by the doctor that I needed to change my daily routine, lifestyle as a whole in other words, as my ECG results indicate I will highly likely suffer the same fate as my parents, who both died from stroke. I already quit smoking more than a year, but my slightly fragile heart deserves a much needed pumping to stay healthy, that’s when I decided I needed to go back to running. continue reading »

Kalabasa Awards 2016 – HSNI/TCSC

It’s that time of the year again, to take a break from our day-to-day productivity battles, kickstart the holiday-feels and recognize not only those who did well with numbers but also our colleagues who stood out by making each working day extra special – routinely funny and bearably enjoyable – with their crazy spiels, scene stealing antics, masquerading their talents without having to ask.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, make no mistake though, this is really just because we’re too serious at what we do we’d like to make fun of ourselves and be the first to laugh about it.

Below are the polls for this year’s Kalabasa Awards, vote for your favorite nominee for Yuga, Eksena, and Talentado Awards. continue reading »

Mystery of “The Falling Man”

This haunting 9/11 photo, which came to be known as “The Falling Man” after an Esquire article by Tom Junod, is by photographer Richard Drew of Associated Press. It’s been 15 years and his identity is still unknown and the photo is still difficult to digest to this day. The falling man though reminds me of my graveyard shift days. continue reading »